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How Can We Get Al-Anon’s Message of Hope to Others?

It wasn’t until my mid-thirties when I realized what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was working for a window covering company in their marketing department. I loved the idea of putting together a campaign and drawing people to a service. So, I went to school and earned my degree in Marketing Communications. After a successful career in marketing, I decided to put these skills to use for Al-Anon.

Step Twelve can be quite intimidating for many introverts like me, but there are ways for everyone to get involved. Starting within the group, members can welcome newcomers and be available to answer their questions. Our groups can also consider cooperating with another group or the District to hold an open public meeting inviting professionals, students, and others to observe an Al-Anon meeting.

Another way to get involved in public outreach is to drop off Al-Anon literature, such as the Outreach Bookmark (M-76) or Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism Magazine at various public places such as waiting rooms, libraries, schools, and religious buildings. Many of these places might have a place for community information.

Additionally, members can get involved in Al-Anon’s Public Service Announcement (PSA) project. This is a grassroots campaign to help generate awareness to the local media, as well as community TV and radio stations. Their goal is to provide relevant content to their viewing/listening communities, and this is where local Al-Anon members can get involved. Living in the station’s viewing/listening community, these members may have a great deal of influence as to whether the station will choose to play the PSAs. Being in the viewing/listening community means they can help influence what the stations choose to play. We can all search for the station’s contact information and reach out to the person responsible for PSAs, share with them how Al-Anon has helped us, point them to the PSAs on al‑, and ask if they would be willing to play our PSAs. If they agree, we can simply return to and complete the PSA request form to have the PSAs electronically delivered to the station. There are many ways to be a Step Twelve messenger, if we each “Let It Begin with Me.”

By Scot P., Associate Director—
Digital Strategy

Reprinted with permission of The Forum,
Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc.,
Virginia Beach, VA
March 2020

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